15 June, 2015


Six boxes of my photo books being used as a TV stand prior to a house move.
Not a great image, just a record of the event.
Digital. 28mm Summicron. June 2015.
© John Banting 2015.

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Andrea Ingram said...

Ok, where you off too? Portugal? Panama? Or Sudbury?

John said...

Island life.
Mersea Island near Colchester where Caitriona's mother
lives, and other aunts and cousins.
Not quite as adventurous as some ...
But the roadway does get covered for an hour or so at
high tides once or twice a month,
or so I have been warned.
Like on the day and time we are scheduled to arrive
with the removal van. Oh well.

Andrea Ingram said...

Nice! Do you get one of those beach huts too?
Look forward to seeing the snaps :-)